First Surgery Recovery Days 30 and 31: Passing the time

Friday and Saturday, February 7 and 8, 2014

Today is February 8th. I had surgery on January 8th. It's been one full month since several surgeons operated on both my upper and lower jaws. I remember waking up after the operation and feeling really miserable, as you can read in the Surgery Day blog entry. It was a level of discomfort beyond anything I had experienced before.

So how do I feel today compared to how I will feel 2-5 months from now?

  1. There's still numbness in parts of my face. This will continue to go away for the next several months.
  2. Sometimes I have a very minimal amount of pain in different parts of my upper jaw. It's nothing too bad really. It's as annoying as a light headache, so not a big deal.
  3. I'm still blending soups and shakes for my food. No real chewing for a few more weeks. I spent this weekend passing the time, dreaming of all sorts of foods.
  4. I have rubber bands, front brackets, rear braces, a splint and some wiring in my mouth right now. 12 months from now all of it will be gone. Six months from now I might still have the rear braces. Sometime over the next two weeks the splint will come out, and the rubber bands will likely go too. It could happen Monday, but maybe not. We'll see.

On Friday, I went to work and had some minor upper jaw pain about halfway through the day, so I took a Motrin. It worked and I was fine after a while. Today I watched tv, took some eBay packages to the post office and monitored the release of my brand new short film:

Day 31 down. Soon enough I'll be able to crunch down on Lucky Charms, take a bite out of pizza, eat cheese fries with bacon bits, taste baked chicken, prepare and eat buffalo chicken tacos and down a ton of French toast, sausage and eggs. I can't wait.

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