First Surgery Recovery Day 29: Sleeping normally

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm still waiting for some of the initial numbness to go away. Parts of my nose and mouth still haven't returned to normal feeling. I expect the next two weeks to be a turning point for this part of recovery.

One of the most frustrating parts in the first few days following double jaw surgery was not being able to swallow a small amount of liquid without coughing or spilling it all over the place. It was even difficult when I had to use a plastic syringe for the first week. I used it to shoot water and other blended foods to the back of my throat. About 1-2 weeks after surgery, I was able to drink normally from a cup. Looking around at other recovery blogs, it seems I was able to do this earlier than most other patients. Now that I'm past the four week mark, drinking from a cup is very simple. I can drink a whole glass of water in one big sip without any issues.

Today I went to work without having to ask if I could leave early. I haven't felt like I've had to leave early since late last week. I did not take a Motrin this morning or during lunchtime to see how I'd feel, and there was some pain in the afternoon. On a scale of 1-10, it was low. Probably a 2 or 3. But it's still uncomfortable. When I arrived home after work, the pain had gone away. I swallowed one of the pills at around 11:30, just before bed.

Speaking of bed, I have been sleeping well over the last week. I stopped sleeping with my head elevated somewhere between the 2-3 week mark. I don't remember waking up the last few nights, and I feel like normal when my alarm goes off at 7:30. No early morning pain. No discomfort. Everything is returning to normal in a bunch of different aspects of my life.

Seeing as the weekend is coming up, it'll be nice to once again have some time to relax and heal up without any of the stresses that come with a normal weekday. I don't have to get on a crowded subway. I can wake up when I want. I can catch up on some of my eBay sales. And I'm prepping the release of my latest short film over at It should be nice.

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