First Surgery Recovery Day 22: Vanilla Ensure is really good

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. It was so cold outside, yet so warm in the room. After hitting snooze multiple times, I got up, took a shower, had a Boost Plus, made three eggs blended with cheese and water, got dressed, put together a plastic bag with stuff I need for my jaw and was on my way to work.

Parts of my face are still numb, but I can barely feel the cold biting me when I'm walking up the street to the subway. I've somehow been able to get a seat the last few times I've been riding, which is nice when you're carrying an extra bag and slightly feeling weak.

I've started taking an Ibuprofen every night at midnight. I had been waking up at around 4 or 5 in the morning with minimal pain for a few days in a row, so this new idea to take one right before bed has been working well. The pain isn't sharp. It's just general bone pain, I suppose. I feel lucky that I don't feel any sharp pain with all the wires, brackets, plastic and rubber bands in my mouth. Hopefully some of this hardware is coming out in around 10-11 days, though if I had to bet, it'll likely be 17+ days.

I had three Ensure drinks again today while at work, and nothing else. It works. I don't get really hungry, I feel like I'm getting nutrition and keep in mind I'm a really tall guy who usually requires a lot of food. I tried vanilla Ensure today for the first time, and it's actually amazing. I think maybe it's similar to the vanilla creme you get in cookies. I'm not talking about Oreo filling. I can't think of the brand, but yeah, vanilla Ensure is really good. Chocolate is good too, but the vanilla flavor is right up there alongside it.

Getting work done at my job isn't too bad, though some weakness and pain does make it difficult. The good news is that it's day 22. Every day things get better, even though it's hard to see any physical changes when you compare yesterday and today. You really have to go back a week to compare to today in order to appreciate the progress.

Lastly, I think it's interesting for me to mention that I don't unleash my rubber bands until I get to work. They're on from around 10pm until 10am: 12 hours. Three of them just hang inside my mouth since they're tied in, but no one notices since I don't talk too much. Tomorrow is Friday, and I can't wait to come home to relax for the weekend. That sounds very general and like something you might hear from anyone working in an office, but this weekend I especially look forward to after having three weeks working from home. It's also the two year anniversary for my girlfriend and I, so that's something to celebrate. We won't be going out to eat, but we will be spending time relaxing and watching one of her new favorite shows: Orange is the New Black.

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