First Surgery Recovery Day 21: Back to work

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's been three full weeks since my surgery. Today I returned to my job. I had been working from home every weekday with the exception of the three days I was in the hospital. I arrived 30 minutes early since we have a company wide meeting every Wednesday. Everyone was very nice and welcomed me back, even though I look a bit like I'm experiencing pain (even though the pain isn't too bad).

I was successful in that there was zero drooling during work hours. I felt proud, even though, you know, I'm 30.

For breakfast I had three eggs blended with cheddar and water, and separately a Boost Plus. I had three Ensure drinks between 9am and 6pm. I did well with just that. I didn't get too hungry during the day. When I got home, I downed a Boost Plus, some Progresso soup, later a Campbell's soup with broccoli added in, some water and later a shake.

I'm feeling good. My energy wasn't too "zapped" by walking to the subway, standing, walking up escalators, stairs, etc. I'm slowly getting back to normal.

I haven't been so excited about having a weekend as I am about the one coming in two days. And the thing is, I don't have any plans. I just want to get back to relaxing all day at home. I'll go out for a bit, but I'm not going to do too much. It might be freezing still, and I don't really consider "seeing a movie" being part of "getting out". I think "seeing a movie" means "here's $35 for two overpriced tickets for a movie I don't really want to see anyway". I'd like to hold on to my money and relax at home, getting in the occasional walk outside.

More Ensure. More Boost Plus. More soup. More shakes. More water. Light exercise. Video games. Movies. TV shows. Books. Solid sleep. Proper hygiene care for my mouth. Maybe some laundry this weekend. I'm continuing to heal up. I can't wait to be able to chew baked chicken with ease. Not long to go.

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