Second Jaw Surgery Recovery Day 124: Almost done!

August 11, 2015

Just like with the blog with my first jaw surgery last year, after a certain amount of time I stopped posting because my jaw became less of an issue. The good news today is that my jaw is fixed, unlike the first surgery. I visited my surgeon this morning, and the drive from San Diego to Santa Ana is lovely at 6am when you were up a few hours earlier!

The surgeon wants me to try some stretching exercises since I'm only open to about 32mm, and he says 40mm is normal. So I will start doing that today. My next appointment is in December. My braces likely come off in two months. Until then, here's me in the same car pose I've been doing lately, and might I add these are the only selfies I've ever shot. I think this is a good reason!

So I'm just about there. I'll look a bit different once the braces come off in two months. Until then... have a good one, and let me know if anyone has any questions about jaw surgery.