Second Jaw Surgery Recovery Day 28: Wires cut, rubber bands in

May 7, 2015

I visited my surgeon's office today and his partner cut my wires since he's on vacation. My jaw was wired shut for four weeks. I was able to open just barely, which is normal. I now have six rubber bands. It was explained to me that the transition to rubber bands allow a little movement that can help wake up the muscles, since they've been completely locked for four weeks. On May 21st I will go back in to my surgeon and he will remove the rubber bands, then remove the splint that's wired to my upper jaw. He will likely put the rubber bands back in immediately, but I'm hoping for the best. My orthodontist might also want to keep rubber bands in for his reasons. My next appointment with him is on May 19th.

I'm still on all liquids for the next two weeks. By June 4th I'll be chewing again, though it could be sooner. I'll continue to have Ensure, water, soup and some Gatorade.

On an unrelated note...