Second Jaw Surgery Recovery Day 26: Tips list updated

May 5, 2015

I have updated the most popular page here on my website: the tips list. My questions and answers now reflect both of my surgeries, so that you have a balance of what to expect with all of the various aspects of recovery. I hope you all find it to be very useful!

I return to work next week for the first time since April 8th. I've been working from home last week and this week, so I feel ready to be back in the office. I look forward to seeing co-workers again, and hope I can get back to going out to lunch with them soon. I expect to be eating with zero problems eight weeks from now, though I could be eating fairly easily in as soon as two weeks.

My next appointment is this Thursday at 9am to get my wires cut. My jaw will have been wired shut for four weeks. This Friday at 8am I go to my orthodontist to have rubber bands installed. As I mentioned yesterday I hope to only have the rubber bands in for 2-4 weeks, though I wouldn't be surprised if 4-8 weeks are recommended.

Follow me on Instagram to see photos like these from before my surgery. It's from several weeks ago at IHOP, and yes it was very, very good!

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