Second Jaw Surgery Recovery Days 36-39: Brand new FAQ

So it's day 39. I'm doing ok. My bite is still lined up perfectly, just a week and a half after being freed from having my jaw wired. It looks like I'll likely be on a liquid diet until June 4th. I've lost somewhere around 10-15 pounds since April 9th. None of my rubber bands that were installed May 7th have snapped, so that's good. Instructions for now from my surgeon are to not take them out for any reason.

I still haven't been able to get a baby toothbrush behind my teeth with my splint in the way. I should be able to brush thoroughly this Thursday May 21st since I'll be getting the splint out, though for the time being I've been using zero alcohol Listerine and brushing 3-5 times per day.

I have made several improvements to the website. I've brightened everything up with a new background image that I shot at the Santa Barbara Zoo. I blurred it for the website so it wouldn't be too flat.

The biggest addition is the brand new FAQ page! I also revamped the Tips page. The Tips page is the most popular page on the website, though I felt that a FAQ page was needed too. I researched the most commonly searched questions about jaw surgery according to Google and included them in the new page, along with a few I thought of while writing. I hope everyone finds them very useful. And you might notice zero comments on all of the pages. I've upgraded the comments to a new platform, so all of the old ones are now gone. Feel free to ask a question on any page!

Here's another look at my x-rays from recovery day one back on April 10th. I might get new x-rays later this week.