Second Jaw Surgery Recovery Days 29-32: Rubber bands

May 11, 2015

Today (day 32) was my first day back in the office at work, just four days after the wires were cut on my jaw. I worked the previous two weeks from home, thanks to a kind decision by my company since they understood there was no reason for me to drive all the way to work if I couldn't talk.

Over the last four days I've been able to begin speaking again kind of clearly, though there are rubber bands in my mouth and my jaw opening is small, so it doesn't sound normal.

My instructions until my next appointment on May 21st (day 42, six weeks recovered) are to not move the rubber bands, continue a liquid diet and no jaw exercises yet. I've been brushing my teeth a lot, though I still haven't been able to properly care for the back of my teeth since my jaw opening is small, and the rubber bands keep it small. So in addition to brushing as much as possible I've been using no alcohol mouthwash 2-3 times a day.

My current hope is that I'm able to get the splint out next Thursday May 21st as expected, and then be able to brush behind my teeth in full. I get the feeling I'll have rubber bands on until day 56 on June 4th, since my surgeon said I won't be able to chew until around that time. I'm counting the days. 

So what am I doing for lunch at work now? Ensure. Here's a look at what I bring in every day.

Over the weekend I prepared my apartment walls for a short move later this month, removing paintings, filling nail/screw holes and painting over them. I also shopped for a couch. And I played some more Far Cry 4 on PC. It helps to pass the time. This recovery doesn't seem to be taking a long time in terms of the days feeling like they're lasting forever, which is great. I'm more than halfway to the time when I can eat food again. Soon.