Second Surgery Recovery Days 8 and 9: Dreaming of food and scary things

April 18, 2015

I've been taking a lot of walks. The nausea may finally be going away since my surgeon yesterday advised that I not take anymore of the strong pain medication. Strong pain meds such as Vicodin are known to cause nausea, though you're supposed to be able to avoid it if you eat enough before and after taking it. My body had a bad reaction. Anyway back to the walks. How about a video of where I've been walking?

There's a dirt trail nearby and it's a nice walk, so I've been trying to go out 1-3 times a day. My strategy when experiencing nausea was to drink some Ensure, water, Gatorade and/or soup, then go for a walk to help move my body and perhaps get it to digest everything successfully. I didn't go for a walk yesterday morning after having something, so perhaps that's why I vomited. Anyway enough about vomiting.

I've been experiencing dreams of cheeseburgers, pizza and tacos. It's so sad when I wake up and I have to go eat soup or drink a shake, but this surgery will make eating everything much better for the rest of my life. 6-12 weeks of recovery for years of better living seems worth it.

I've also had some nightmares where I'm having issues with wires, maybe my braces broke, something like that. I look forward to one day eating a plate full of nachos and not having to worry about nightmares where I have braces or where my jaw is wired shut. I'll be wired shut until around April 30-May 6.

I haven't had any almost black-outs yet, though I am losing weight at a rapid pace. Being wired shut makes it so that even some blended foods won't work. Everything has to be liquid. The most important thing for me right now is to stay hydrated with water and Gatorade, and to take in as many soup and shakes as possible every day.

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