Second Surgery Recovery Day 3: Strange dreams and a walk

April 13, 2015

I walked five minutes to a grocery store today. My breathing was heavy and it was actually a bit difficult. My body is still recovering from losing blood, my diet is very different than normal and my jaw is wired shut, so I suppose it's understandable.

The pain medication has been causing some strange dreams. How strange? Very. The dreams seem to go on for a long time and repeat. One of them involves me behind inside a building and I see three stacks of $20,000, totaling $60,000. In the dream Jennifer Lopez donated the money for charity purposes, but I know I can pick it up and take it. The problem is that I'm with the money right behind a window, and there are people walking by outside so they will see if I take the money. So I can't just take it. So I walked down the hallway and the building is some sort of a late 1990s movie theater vibe with PlayStation 2 games set up to play on screens every few minutes. At each game station every 20 feet or so there is a special game peripheral gun or something. Then you walk up or down a ramp to the next area. I remember in the dream ridiculing the company who runs the building in my dream, saying I can't believe they haven't updated any of the old crap. The building resembles a line/queue at a theme park, all set to a dinosaur theme.

Sometime in the dream a group of people found out that I had the $60,000 and they said they want to launder/funnel it through a system so they gain from it, presumably because they'll hurt me if I don't give up the money. So there's a room set up to pass bills through to purchase products that benefit the bad group of people. That's about where it ended. I think.

Anyway, yeah, that's what heavy pain medication can do to you.

My pain is not bad right now, though it's settling into an uncomfortable level that doesn't really require medication. It's just above mild, so I want to take something, but also I don't like the after effects. So it's up to me to judge whether or not I need it.

My food these days is consisting of a lot of water, Gatorade, soups and Ensure. I'll have some good ideas this week to present here on the website.

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