An unsuccessful first surgery

March 6, 2015

It's been about a year since I have updated the website. I've watched this site grow at or near the top of Google's search rankings when you search for various terms like "jaw surgery tips" or "jaw surgery blog". It's fantastic. I still have some design changes I'd like to implement, but other than that I'm happy.

On another note, I'm now scheduled for a second surgery.

I know I had not mentioned it before, but I wanted to wait so as to not discourage anyone from getting his or her own surgery. My first surgery was only almost successful. The teeth on my left side meet, while my teeth on the right side don't. Also my jaw had issues opening to the proper length and my joints weren't aligned. I am disappointed. I need several adjustments that will likely take the same amount of discomfort in recovery. But I am ready. And now that I'm living in San Diego, I have a new surgeon.

Many of the people who visit this website are doing so right before or after having their first surgery. Know that the odds are low that you'll need a second surgery. Do not worry. You are your own unique self, and have your own journey of preparation, surgery and recovery. You will do great, and I hope I do too (a second time!).

I'll update as I near my April 9th surgery date.

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