First Surgery Recovery Day 70: 34mm open

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over the last two weeks my jaw has opened another 16mm, showing progress! I'm now open to 34mm. 50-60mm is the norm for most adults. Yesterday I had my first orthodontist appointment since surgery. He has me in two rubber bands for the next several months. One is in the back right of my jaw and the other is in the back left, so I'm able to open and chew soft snacks if needed, though I do take them out to eat meals. The rubber bands lose their strength after a few hours, so I swap them out every time I take them off. I also use the stretching tool each time they come out.

I haven't been posting as many entries recently as I have a few things going on, and my jaw is becoming less and less of an issue, though still a minor annoyance and priority.

One issue has arisen though. My jaws aren't healing in the proper place. While the forward and backward movement of my jaws are ok, the jaws aren't aligned left to right. The surgery was not successful. I'll be moving soon and will update when I have something of note. Until then I hope you find this website helpful. Again please ask medical professionals questions. I am not a doctor. I am just here to provide something to read to hopefully help pass the time and to perhaps give you some questions to ask your surgeon.

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