First Surgery Recovery Days 6 and 7: Reduced swelling

Tuesday and Wednesday, January 14 and 15, 2014

These days also blended together. Swelling reduced even more, perhaps finally noticeably some. My sleep had slightly improved. Drooling was slightly less of a problem for sure. I moved to the bed for sleep and slept with two pillows under my head, only on my back both nights. It’s not too comfortable at first, and I coughed quite a lot since my throat was still readjusting to take in saliva, but it was better than the recliner. On Wednesday night I popped a Vicodin (Hydrocodone) and it made me super comfortable for the first four hours. Then I woke up at around 4am, walked to the kitchen, popped an Ibuprofen and got back in bed. I was under the sheets looking at the ceiling, and decided to make this website. I opened Notes on my phone and started listing every tip I could think of. I knew that there were several sites aiming to help people recover from jaw surgery, though it seemed there wasn’t one complete and comprehensive place with all the tips yet. (Now there is.)

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