First Surgery Recovery Days 3 and 4: Home

Saturday and Sunday, January 11 and 12, 2014

The weekend days blended together. Speaking of blending, I used a blender to blend up water and medication since it was difficult to swallow a pill at this point. Not tasty at all. But drink a shake right after drinking pill water and you’ll be ok. Pain hadn’t yet set in, though I was taking the medication 2-3 times a day anyway. Swelling slightly reduced. The constant nosebleed stopped. I was on the road to recovery. One thing that was still a massive inconvenience though: drooling. I drooled so much that we had to wash 10-12 full size towels in the first five days home. You constantly have to hold a towel under your chin. These two days are by no means easy, but they also are nowhere near as bad as the first two recovery days.

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