First Surgery Recovery Day 28: The tube/drain is out

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My primary surgeon is out of town this week, so today I had an appointment with one of the oral surgeons who assisted in my surgery. I was happy that he removed the tube/drain that was placed inside one of my surgical incisions last Friday, five days ago. It was put there to help food drain out while my infection went away. Antibiotics helped to get rid of it too. I was kind of surprised when I saw the size of the drain and wish I had taken a photo. It was maybe two inches long and not very wide.

Seeing as today is the four week mark since my surgery, and the splint is supposed to come out 4-6 weeks after surgery, I asked him what the chances are that my primary surgeon will remove my splint during my next appointment five days away on Monday. He can't speak for what my primary surgeon will decide to do, but he thinks it's ready to come out. I wouldn't mind keeping it in longer if it needs to be, though I'm perfectly ok with it coming out. The splint helps keep my upper jaw in place while everything heals for the first several weeks.

I got rid of cable tv last week, taking both cable boxes and remote controls to one of the offices here in Brooklyn. "So you're going to be streaming?" is what the guy asked when he took the equipment. I said "um, maybe yeah". But the answer is "of course".

I bought a long HDMI cable a few years ago, so I have that hooked up from my computer to my television. I can start The Daily Show or The Colbert Report and play it full screen for free, legally. I've also been watching NetflixAmazon Instant VideoCrackle and other services. And of course YouTube is kind of taking over as being a lot more entertaining than the vast majority of television programming. I don't expect to sign up for any sort of cable/satellite tv service until this coming September when college football returns.

I made a really tasty Mexican soup last night. It's the same one I talked about for Day 10. Check out the recipe. I throw in a "Maggi Beef Bouillon Cube" which makes it extra tasty. I also add some Mexican cheese and before I take sips, I put some sour cream on top. Really good stuff!

Day 28 is done, and four weeks are behind me.

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