First Surgery Recovery Day 8: Birth of this website

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I kept writing notes for about two hours on my phone, then went to sleep for one more hour. I woke up at 7am to get ready for my second post-op appointment. I arrived at 9am, and the surgeon once again cleaned my mouth. Some food was trapped in the roof of my mouth above the splint. He showed me some of it, so I knew I needed to place importance on it when brushing. He also attached anchors and rubber bands as my jaw’s memory muscle was attempting to take my jaw back to the side it had previously been on. My lower jaw was moved 4mm back and upper 4mm forward during surgery, for those interested. My lower jaw was also moved to the side to line up with the upper one.

After he attached rubber bands, my drooling problem was just about gone. The rubber bands helped to close my lips almost normally, though they were still a bit big from swelling. My cheeks and nose were starting to look a bit dry. Running my finger against my cheek, some dry skin flicked off. I used some Vitamin A&D ointment to help with this.

My girlfriend made some great soup for me tonight. She made a Broccoli, Cannellini Bean and Cheddar Soup, the only changes being that she started by sauteing half of a small onion in a tablespoon of butter and sprinkling some garlic powder on top, and that she used mild cheddar instead of sharp. It was good and felt healthy going down. Thanks so much to her.

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