First Surgery Recovery Day 16: Not a bad day

Friday, January 24, 2014

Today was pretty good. No complaints. I had some shakes and soups and did what I wanted to do. I went outside and dropped two checks in a corner mailbox, one for rent and the other for $8.90 for my portion of my pre-surgery testing. I had less "almost black outs" after standing up than in previous days. My mouth feels pretty good considering I had surgery just over two weeks ago. Very minimal pain today, and the little pain I experienced was because I was trying to get my toothbrush between my jaws so I could reach the back side of my teeth.

It's becoming easier to unleash and reattach the rubber bands. If you missed yesterday's entry, my surgeon told me to unleash the five rubber bands in my mouth during the daytime and to put them back on at night. When the rubber bands are off, my jaw won't open much. My surgeon said he expects minimal opening of the jaw for the first month, so nothing to worry about.

I still crave foods I can't eat, though it's not as bad as you might think. I'm not constantly drooling over the thought of having a burger or some buffalo wings, though I do drool in general every now and then since it's part of the post-surgery recovery process. The one company that keeps getting me with their commercials is Pizza Hut. Now I know, some of you find that weird and you want to tell me that it shouldn't even be considered "pizza". That's fine. But I think we can both agree that whatever that round bread thing is that they cover in sauce, cheese and toppings... it's really tasty. You might not consider it "pizza", but that doesn't make it not amazing to eat. Little Caesar's has a deep dish pizza commercial running now that gets me too.

Speaking of the inability to eat junk food, I've lost around 20 pounds over the last two weeks. My weight is down to 195 pounds, same as 88kg. I'm 30 years old and very tall, and I don't think I've weighed 195 since probably the late 1990s. I noticed this morning that the little gut I've had for years has definitely started getting smaller. Once I get the go ahead to eat what I want, I plan on returning to exactly the way I was eating before surgery. If I gain the weight back, that's fine, because I don't think I should weigh under 200 at my height.

With the free time I had today, I opened Netflix on my laptop and watched Raging Bull for the first time. Look, I get it. I can understand why people like the movie. It's very well made. But in terms of keeping my interest, it just didn't. That doesn't make it a bad movie. It just means I, one person, didn't like it. I also watched Mitt, the documentary that follows Romney from 2006-2012. Whether you voted for him or not, it's an interesting look behind the scenes at someone running for president.

I found some more stuff for my newfound addiction to eBay. I realized today that I'm setting myself up for trouble next week. A few of my auctions end this weekend, which means I'll need to ship the items next week when I'm back at work. I might have to bring the packages to work, one a day, and then take them to the nearest post office. I'm going to try to setup package pickup with USPS. We'll see how that goes. There's a guy with a little mail cart that goes up and down my street, and I'm not sure if there's enough room for a box.

I ended the day with some Mexican soup my girlfriend made. Check out Day 10 for the recipe. It's a soup that tastes like you're eating a delicious Mexican meal, a great substitute since I can't chew. I also had a shake with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, a banana, milk and chocolate syrup. That was followed up with me brushing my teeth, using mouth rinse, putting the rubber bands back on, showering and now I'm here writing about today. Another day down. I've made it 16 full days after my surgery, and the worst is behind me.

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