First Surgery Recovery Day 12: Reduced drooling

Monday, January 20, 2014

My surgeon holding my jaw molds in the office. There's all sorts of writing and measurements on them for planning.

My surgeon holding my jaw molds in the office. There's all sorts of writing and measurements on them for planning.

I slept well last night, sleeping from around 1-1:30, 2-3, 3:15-8:30 and 8:45-9:45. That's pretty good compared to previous nights. Somewhere in there I had a dream about chewing on food. I assume that a year from now I'll have nightmares about being in recovery. That's the way our minds work.

My face felt extra tingly last night, meaning more numbness is leaving my face. Tingly feelings didn't keep me awake, but coughing did. I usually have to get up 2-3 times before completely falling asleep, mainly to rinse my mouth.

I've realized over the last few days that while I can take long walks without any problems, I can't stand up fast without feeling like I'm going to black out. This is because I've lost 15-20 pounds in less than two weeks, and because I'm a bit weak since I'm not eating like I did for so many years. So I now stand up slow, wait a second before walking, then go about my day.

Pain hasn't been an issue the last 2-3 days. The 5-6 rubber bands that my surgeon put on my teeth on Thursday are causing some minimal discomfort, but nothing too bad. The rubber bands are being used to slowly move my bottom jaw to align with my upper jaw since the muscle memory wants it to go off to the side like it's been for years.

I had my third post-op appointment with my surgeon today. He said my splint will come off after 4-6 total weeks, meaning I have about 2-4 weeks to go. That'll be a good day, but not the very end of recovery. He also said that I'm doing a better job cleaning above the splint, a hard spot to reach. I use a syringe with a curved tip to squirt warm water above the splint, and it often dislodges a nasty, crusty piece of food. You can see this item on the Products page. My next appointment is next Monday, a week from today at the same time.

Drooling has reduced dramatically. I still have to tilt my head up and manually swallow every few minutes, and manually close my lips, but it's way better than the first week. Also better than the first week is my nose. It's dripping a lot less, and I don't have to clean it as often. Any bloody stuff stopped showing up after the first week.

I'm selling a few items on eBay while I recover. Right now I have four items live, and I shipped a fifth item last Friday that got me $47. The original price when I bought the item was $99, so not bad. It feels good to not only get rid of things I no longer use, but to also get paid almost half of what I paid originally even though the products are used.

I walked to the laundromat today, the second time since my surgery. I washed a bunch of towels and the few clothes I've worn while at home the last 12 days. I also emptied the trash and recycle stuff, wiped the kitchen stove and did all the dishes. Trying to stay busy.

Eating and drinking really isn't a problem anymore. A few days ago it got to be really easy. Cravings for really good food are nowhere near as crazy as they were in the first few days of recovery. I assume those cravings will come in waves. Now it's basically just me waiting for the splint to come off, the next big step. I look forward to it.

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