First Surgery Recovery Day 11: The letter B and eBay

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I said the letter 'B' today without it sounding like 'E', which is a big step forward. It's a definite sign of reduced swelling and numbness. I slept off and on from 1:30am-10:30am, probably getting around 6-7 total hours. Not bad at all. I didn't have to take a Vicodin last night, nor did I take an Ibuprofen yet all day. Pain isn't an issue while I type all of this, and I hope it continues to stay away.

I have gathered a few items to sell on eBay and set up a mini studio in my dining room. I took the shade off a lamp so I can light some products. It was too bright, so I grabbed two paper towels and put them one on top of the other, then setup two candlesticks like goal posts. I taped the paper towels to the candlesticks to diffuse the light. It worked well. I'm selling memorabilia, an air purifier, a wake-up light alarm clock and a few other items. They're all selling well.

My jaw hasn't been bothering me today, other than some drooling. It's slowly healing, so I'm leaving the rubber bands on most of the day so the lower jaw can shift over a tad to line up with my upper jaw. For breakfast, I had a Boost shake. A few hours later I had some eggs, cheddar and water all blended together. A bit later in the afternoon I had some Campbell's Tomato soup with some broccoli blended in. After that, I watched some tv, cleaned a bit and got in bed by around 12:30am.

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