Days 45 and 46: Past the halfway mark

Saturday and Sunday, February 22 and 23, 2014

I consider 90 days to be the day that I'm looking forward to. I might not go out to eat and have a big party on that particular day, but I'll be happy. That day will be April 8th, a Tuesday. I had my surgery back on Wednesday January 8th. Today is day 46, so I'm now past the halfway mark.

Over this weekend I took it easy, selling more on eBay and chewing on as much food as possible. I'm trying to get my jaw muscles working again since my jaw opening is pretty small. This is complicated by the fact that I need to wear rubber bands a few hours a day to get my lower jaw in alignment with my upper jaw. When the rubber bands are on, my jaw muscles relax and tighten up, but when they're off and I'm chewing the jaw muscles stretch out as they should be. I hopefully won't have to wear anymore rubber bands after my appointment this coming Thursday.

I discovered today that I should check expiration dates on Ensure. The CVS pharmacy near my workplace had Ensure 6-packs on the shelf that expired five months ago. I had one to drink today and thought it tasted odd, so I looked underneath. Sure enough, it said October 1, 2013. I have a few more at work and am going to see about getting a refund. Should be fun since the store doesn't have a dedicated customer service desk, and a bunch of people in line behind me will start huffing and puffing. This is the same store that has six self checkout stations which mostly go unused. I suppose this is because a lot of people think they might screw up, which is odd because it's incredibly easy.

I'm still kind of numb. I still can't tell if feeling is returning to my lower lip and chin. It might be coming back slowly. I'll know more in a week or two. In touching my nose, it's no longer numb. My upper lip still seems slightly numb, though not much. And in terms of swelling, I'd say more than 90%, maybe even 95%, is gone. My face now versus my face 4-6 weeks ago... dramatic difference.

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