First Surgery Recovery Days 43 and 44: Lip numbness going away

Thursday and Friday, February 20 and 21, 2014

It's the weekend again. The days don't feel as long as they did in the first few weeks. I'm continuing to feel more normal and have been chewing on chicken or fish with rice and vegetables every night for the last several days. It seems to be getting easier every day.

I'm feeling more tingling in my lips. I hope it's a sign that feeling is returning. It seems like feeling has somewhat returned to my upper lip. It might take another week or two for me to be able to tell. My lower lip still feels numb.

There's really not much to say today other than I'm glad I will have made it to the halfway point tomorrow. I consider 90 days to be my main recovery period. Tomorrow will be day 45, and things are improving each day. I'm still downing several Ensure drinks while at work, and I plan on chewing several meals this weekend to exercise my jaw muscles. This should allow my jaw opening to increase a bit more each day. My jaw opening is always at its largest after I get done eating dinner. This is because I've been chewing. My oral surgeon is giving me a measurement tool next Thursday so I can keep track of my jaw opening progress. Should be helpful.

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