First Surgery Recovery Day 34: Afternoon hunger

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's now been 48 hours since my last pain pill. A small amount of pain and discomfort has been happening the last several days, always in the afternoon. It usually goes away by evening. I'm hoping I don't have to take anymore medication. I've probably taken somewhere between 40 and 70 pain pills in the last month (some of which have been precautionary), plus 15-30 pills for antibiotics. Add onto that the daily allergy pills and the IV fluids I had at the hospital and at my oral surgeon's office, and I've been on quite a lot of stuff lately.

I got pretty hungry around 4pm today, a stronger feeling than normal. I had an Ensure drink to try to help it, but around 5-6pm I got really hungry again. I'm not sure why this happened today and every other day I've been ok. When 6pm came, I decided to head home to eat instead of going out with coworkers to celebrate one of them leaving. I look forward to the day when I can go out after work and eat with ease.

It's kind of nice to be able to come home and watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report for free online. I have a HDMI cable hooked up from my computer to my TV. I gave up my cable boxes 1-2 weeks ago and don't miss it yet. After I dropped them off at the cable company, I made sure to mention on Facebook that "I don't think I'm cool or hip" for giving up cable. Some people seem to get angry when someone mentions that they don't have any tv services.

My HD antenna. I've had it for around 5-6 years, though it's been in a box most of that time. Works well.

I'm not interested in watching any live sports until later this year, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I have a HD antenna hooked up and will be able to catch a few games on CBS during the college basketball tournament next month, plus they are streamed online, so that's covered. Not having the ability to stare at a bunch of tv shows is kind of forcing large blocks of my time to open up, which makes me want to be productive. I like it.

Another day down. Soon enough feeling will return to my face. The small amount of pressure I feel in my face will also go away, and my jaw will slowly open again. My next appointment is Wednesday February 19th. The splint will come out and I'll be able to talk well. Not perfect, but well. It should be a cool moment.

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